Chinula who was unveiled this morning at the club house, takes over from Fleetwood Haiya who could not double roles as he has now assumed the position of Managing Director of Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC),the club’s principal partners.

Chinula has been picked from within as he is also NMC’s Head of Finance and Administration.

He will be in acting capacity until the club’s Board of Directors meets to confirm his appointment.

A few months ago the club released a vacancy in the daily tabloids calling for interested candidates to fill the post of CEO.

According to Haiya, 84 applications were received but they couldn’t identify their target.

“From the 84, we shortlisted 10 candidates and got down to one successful candidate. But unfortunately the feedback we got from his/her referees was not impressive, so with advice from our supporters and other quarters, we opted to pick from within” said Haiya

Haiya who was CEO from last year is accredited for steering the commercialisation drive which transformed Bullets from a community team to a limited company.

In his outgoing speech Haiya applauded several stakeholders for supporting the club in its transition to cross the bridge.

“It wasn’t easy to achieve this and we couldn’t have done it on our own without support from the Sports Ministry, Malawi National Council of Sports, Football Association of Malawi, Super League of Malawi, the Media and more others”

Despite bringing on board partners like Axa Bus Company and Universal Industries, Haiya admitted there is still more work to be done.

He then saluted Chinula as the right man for the job, having worked hand in hand with him since last year.

In his acceptance speech, Chinula assured the BB fraternity that he will work tirelessly to take the club to greater heights.

“My job is to woo more partners into the club and ensure success for the team in both local and international competitions” said Chinula.

The move has been embraced by the club’s fan base, through Director of Supporters Stone Mwamadi who asked Chinula to emulate Haiya by being accommodative and mingling well with the supporters.

The TNM Super League champions went commercial last year by turning into a limited company, with Konrad Buckle heading the board of directors and a fully fledged staff in place.

Since then, the welfare of players has improved as some of them rank among the highest paid athletes in the country.

Chinula in glasses congratulated by Haiya

Chinula in glasses congratulated by Haiya

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